Modern America

Part one
There are many similarities between the IEEE and ASME codes of ethics. Both of the codes state that engineers should only design and work in environments that they are certified in. They also both say that you should treat everyone justly and fairly. Another similarity of the two codes is they both state you should let people know of the effects that your project could have on the environment. The codes also state that engineers should be honest and just in doing their job. This is where their similarities end.

There are numerous differences between the IEEE and ASME codes of ethics. The IEEE code states that you should assist fellow workers in abiding by the code. However the ASME does not. The IEEE also states you should reject all forms of bribery and the ASME code does not. The ASME code states that you should not associate with people who don’t have a good reputation while the IEEE
does not state this. This is all of the differences of these two codes.

In conclusion it is obvious that these two codes have more similarities than differences. It is also apparent that their general purpose is to help engineers be successful and productive in a fair and safe manner. This assignment has provides a lot of insight on the reasons that these codes exist and I believe I have walked away from it with a great deal of knowledge that I didn’t have beforehand.

Part two
The Hyatt Walkway collapse was a devastating accident that should have never occurred. In my opinion I feel that Havens Steel Co. and Eldridge Construction Company along with H&R Inspection and General Testing were responsible for the accident. I draw this conclusion because not only did Havens Steel Co. and Eldridge construction construct this project they also redesigned some key parts which made them more likely to fail. I Feel that H&R Inspection and General Testing is responsible because they were supposed to check the integrity of the build and still approved it even though...