Mod B Essay = Mark Haddon

English – Module B essay

Question) how does Haddon’s portrayal of the relationship between Christopher and his world move us to a deeper understanding of acceptance? In your response, make detailed reference to the prescribed text.
Mark Haddon’s crime fiction novel The curious incident of the dog in the night time explores the struggles of Christopher who suffers from ASD (autism spectrum disorder) and his failure to be accepted into an unaccepting society of indifference. Haddon voices his idea of the social challenges people are faced with through the character Christopher demonstrating his lack of social intelligence and inability to fit in, encouraging acceptance for isolated individuals within society as he educates the responder on the social struggles they are faced with. Additionally, Haddon uses the interactions between specific characters and Christopher to voice and criticise today’s society and its inability and unwillingness of acceptance of those who are different. Through understanding Christopher’s social challenges and society’s response to those challenges we are moved not only to a deeper understanding accepting for ASD sufferers but potentially a renewed perception of what we considered appropriate responses to difference.
Throughout the novel Haddon portrays Christopher Boons social struggle’s communicating to his audience the hardships faced by those with insufficient social intelligence expected by society to be accepted into it. This is evident with Chris’s unusually precise mathematical way of thinking as seen when he says “it was 7 minutes after midnight” and “I am 15 years, 3 months, 2 days”. These quotes demonstrate Christopher’s unique use of words and numbers in detail. Haddon does this to contrast Christopher’s differences to the social norms to highlight his social awkwardness and failure to fit into society. Furthermore, this theme is also seen in the use of childlike drawings of basic human facial expressions. Christopher...