Mocks 2011

Q7 - alcohol and yeast
Q8 - Foodtests
Q9 - fungus on leaf

Q10 - ecology - know a niche, difference between abiotic and bitoic, and know 3 different climatic factors
Q11 - blood and the circulatory system
Q12 - Femals reroductive system. youve to be able to label the diagram and theress a bit on all that embryo and placenta stuff
Q14 - label digestive system diagram and photosynthesis and endocrine system
Q15 - something to do with a seed..dormancy? ..respiration and viruses

dictatorship and democracy :
1) what conditions allowed formation and growth of fascist regimes in Europe during 1920 -1939
2) how successful were French gov. of third republic in overcoming the problems facing France in aftermath of WWI
3) how did Jarrow protests reflect social and economic difficulties facing Britain during interwar years
4) how effective were Nazis in exploiting state control and use of mass media to indoctrinate the German population

united states and the world :
1) impact of Montgomery bus boycott on civil rights movement in US
2) how US foreign policy contribute to decline of cold war 1973 -1989 ?
3) social and economic implication of mass higher education in the US during 1945 - 1989?
4) what ways has religion and / or mass media in modern America culture changes society in the US?

Pursuit of sovereignty and partition:
1) main stages of the Anglo Irish treaty1921 and what were the primary strengths and weaknesses of the delegations involved?
2) what was contribution of James j. mc elligott to economic affairs during the period 1923 - 1949?
3) How effective were successive unionist gov. in NI in consolidating partition in Ireland up to 1939?
4) how were language, religion and education used to promote separate cultural identities North and South during 1920 - 1949?

Boland comes up.
Spoiler: Mythological anaology and domestic images

experiments are.. alcohol yeast one (have to draw diagram), dna...