Mobile Phones

An old American Greeting Card Company card with anchor and maritime motif. For obvious reasons, these were popular notes used by my shipmates to send a "hello" home in the days before Email, cell phones and cell phones with texting capabilities.

Would someone please write an essay on the fascination of texting when talking is just a click away. To me, this seems backward. Is the fascination because of the absence of typewriters for the past two decades? Perhaps it runs deeper; perhaps there is an instinctual desire to create, a desire to see something that one has created. Perhaps it is to keep an accurate record of one's explanations for arriving home late?

In some respects, with a cell phone, anybody can become a news reporter. There's the photo capacity; there's the recording device to capture the message of the guest speaker or whoever, one's mate, lover or bill collector. And there is the built-in typewriter.How fortunate such devices are for today's youth throughout the world.

These little gadgets permits such a myriad of activities I could not, nor would I want to, list each of the possibilities the cell phone affords the hand that holds one.

One of the most popular activities with todays youth is texting and sending photos from field trips to the zoo and museums, right? How wonderful it would have been had these unique inventions been around fifty years ago. No, wait, I take that back.

Whatever, each generation has favorite things and they are able to capture the memories and events they consider important. The cellphone deluxe is yet another example of the freedoms we enjoy in this great nation called America.