II. Situation Analysis
  a) Company Analysis

Cafetière, established between mid and late 2013, is a family operated, casual dining restaurant, featuring Filipino comfort food, Japanese rice bowls, Mexican and American cheeseburger and fries and an All-day breakfast. The company is owned and operated by alumni of Ateneo de Davao University, Paulines Valero.

Paulines Valero and her family started the business for they love food and Paulines’ partner has the talent of cooking. At the start, Cafetière was just a small open space fronting ADDU Jacinto.

It was named ‘Cafetière’ because it sounded like “cafeteria”. They wanted to reach out to students especially Ateneo students, where students can eat delicious food at an affordable price with a fast service; a small restaurant perfect for students who do not have enough time for a lunch or dinner break. It's a place for students to satisfy their bottomless appetite.

In mid-2014, it moved to a more spacious and comfortable location, Residencia del Marina Business Center, which is still in Jacinto St., to cater a growing number of customers.

Cafetière’s goals are long term, ongoing as they grow and learn their business. These goals are:

•     To maintain positive balance in our lives so that the business rounds us out and reflects our values.
•     To have our employees and customers feel appreciated, supported and satisfied every time they come in.
•     To offer our community wholesome foods that are satisfying, great tasting and worth every cent.
•     To embody the meaning of hospitality through a strong, reliable staff.
•     Regional expansion in the field of restaurant and develop a strong base of key customers.
•     To build a good reputation in the field of restaurants and become a key player in the industry.
•     To have this business comfortably support our employee family in all ways possible.

In addition, Cafetière has a unique restaurant concept, which they have carried out well with...