Mktg Audit

Situation Analysis: Amber Inn & Suites Inc.
Amber Inn & Suites Inc.
Executive Summary
      This paper will examine the current position of Amber Inn & Suites Inc., along with the proposed strategic outline plan to map out their path to future success.   Starting with the situational background, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats will be identified.   Then the problem will be defined, followed by the end state goals.   There are also many other companies in the same industry that faces similar dilemmas.   Competitive and generic benchmarking are excellent ways to measure a company's position in the marketplace.   Overall, businesses today need to implement a strong strategic action plan in relation to being innovative with organizational processes.
      Issues can be clearly expressed so that another outside of the organization can understand the description of the issue.   Some of the company's that were benchmarked for Amber Inn & Suites Inc.. (AIS) were Cendax Corporation, Marriot International, Inc., Hilton Hotels Corp., LaQuinta, and Bestwestern International.   In order to be one of the top hotel chains, AIS needs an aggressive transformation of the company's organizational culture, structure, values, and strategic focus.   Generic benchmarking can be comparing your competitor with who has the best practice in marketing a similar product.   (Generic Benchmarking, UOP _____).
      Strategic Issues
      Global Expansion.
      Economic environment.
      Competition.   Synergy would increase the value of the combined companies and reduce competition.   This is a tough spot to stay in by today's standards, unless a company is truly striving to be the best.   Although, there are different products and services being provided – it depends on the market position of the company.   Most companies stay in the game by simply looking at the best practices of other competitive organizations...