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MKT 571 Week 6 Quiz

1. Which of the following refers to the ability to meet humanity's needs without harming future generations?
• Sustainability
• Greenwashing
• Ecological footprinting
• Scalability

2. ______ is an obligation to act in a way expected of a reasonable person.
• Reliance
• Liability
• Litigation
• Duty

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3. Your firm has decided to enter the international market with your product called Trema, a combination of a pocket organizer and cell phone. Even though the product has been a huge success in the home country, market research suggests some changes may be required before it can be introduced in Europe. Your CMO is of the opinion that the product requires certain extra features and the product will also have to be marketed differently. Your CMO is advocating
• dual adaptation
• straight extension
• forward adaptation
• product standardization

4. Cadbury's "Sports for Schools" promotion offered sports and fitness equipment for schools in exchange for vouchers. The problem was that the public and media saw a perverse incentive for children to eat more chocolate, a product associated with obesity. Which of the following best summarizes Cadbury's problem?
• Consumers did not value the cause Cadbury was promoting.
• Customers felt that the cause was not in sync with the company’s brand image.
• Consumers resented being sold an inferior product on the back of a cause-marketing program.
• Customers questioned the link between the product and the cause and saw the firm as self-serving and exploitive.

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5. A Gucci bag sells for $120 in Italy and $240 in the United States due to the differences in the costs of distributing the product in the two countries. This phenomenon is called a(n)
• opportunity cost problem
• market pricing problem
• tactical pricing problem
• price escalation problem

6. Marketing effectiveness...