Mkt 571 Week 2 Quiz New

MKT 571 Week 2 Quiz NEW

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MKT 571 Week 2 Quiz NEW

1. Which of the following would consumers associate closely with a brand?

Brand attitudes


Customer focuses

Points of reference


2. What is the second stage of the consumer buying process?

Information search

Buyer satisfaction

Purchase decision

Evaluation of alternatives


3. Which of the following is known as the process of creating a segment storyboard to test the attractiveness of each segment?

Segment attractiveness

Segment acid test

Needs-based segmentation

Marketing-mix strategy


4. Which other dimension is the VALS classification system based on besides consumer motivation?

Consumer retention

Consumer resources

Consumer support

Consumer beliefs


5. Which of the following is used to determine a competitive frame of reference for brands to compete against other brands due to their closeness as substitutes?

Market membership

Industry membership

Category membership

Product membership


6. When searching for a supplier, which of the following provides the broadest reach of possible suppliers in today’s competitive market environment?

Standard & Poor’s

Trade directories


Business associates


7. Which of the following do brand mantras attempt to define?

Brand identity

Points of difference to other brands

Similarity to other brands

Brand equity


8. Which of the following is a tool a company uses to position its brands attributes in the minds of those in the organization?

Brand perceptual analysis

Brand positioning bull’s eye

Competitive analysis

Industry analysis


9. In behavioral segmentation, a product or service is grouped by which other dimension besides knowledge of, attitude...