Mkt 571 Complete Week 1 New

MKT 571 Complete Week 1 NEW

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MKT 571 Complete Week 1 NEW

MKT 571 Week 1 DQ 1 NEW

Marketing Events and Supplemental Conversations

What are some of the events that caught your eye during the past week, and what are the marketing implications of those events?  Discuss the strengths and the room for improvement in what you have noticed.


MKT 571 Week 1 DQ 2 NEW

My Personal Information

How responsive are you to personal questions asked on a survey?  Are you more likely to answer questions if you are a customer?  What incentive do you need to respond to questions from a company that is not your employer or with whom you are not a customer?


MKT 571 Week 1 DQ 3 NEW

Art or Science

How is marketing management both an art and a science? What marketing challenges and opportunities do businesses face today?  What  marketing challenges and opportunities does your organization face?


MKT 571 Week 1 Individual Marketing Environment Simulation and Summary

Complete the Marketing Environment Simulation and Summary in MyMarketingLab.

Save your results report from the simulation to your computer in a Word document or a .Pdf file.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.  Your grade is based on your ability in the simulation, not on participation.  You can repeat as many times as you like before you submit your results.


MKT 571 Week 1 Quiz NEW

1. What data analysis type is being used here? When Sam thought about opening a foreign car repair shop in Phoenix, he researched all of the firms in the area before deciding on a location. He also analyzed their capabilities and found articles about many of them in terms of their capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

 Secondary data

 Primary data

 Licensed information

 Tertiary information