Task 3 K6

How to monitor children, and young people’s development using different methods

Monitoring and assessing children-Children and young people are most expected to be observed, and measured at many different points in lives, and by different services.’ For example the health service will check a new born, while schools may administer a range of tests’.                                                                                                               (Penny Tassoni, 2012, page 71)                                                                                                                                             It is essential that children are monitored, and assessed in an early development as early intervention can make major difference to a child’s complete outcome. For example a child who cannot fully hear will find it harder to learn language unless support is given early on so the hearing test’s is important in this situation. A child will be constantly assessed, and monitored by doctors, and health visitors to ensure that he or she is progressing according to the recognised developmental norms.
Observation- Observation literally means watching children. There are many different ways in which observations can be conducted. Some observations require that the observer does not interact with children, while in others, the observer acts as a participant.                                                                                                       (Penny Tassoni, 2012, page 71)                                                                                                                                 In education settings, observations play an important part in assessing children’s development, and are closely related to planning for groups of children. Children and, young children are watched, and assessed using creative assessment frameworks, such as the early year’s foundation stage. The reasons to observe children and...