Miyamoto Musashi

Miyamoto Musashi
    Miyamoto Musashi paid no allegiance to a master for one reason or another, and as such he found his work as a mercenary.   Musashi was a magnificent warrior. He was born in 1584 to his father Munisai; he also accomplished martial artist and swordsman.
    He was raised under his father’s control until age
seven when his uncle took him into his house. Musashi
had his first duel when he was thirteen. At age sixteen,
he entered war on the side of the Toyotomi clan against
the Tokugawa clan. He led his clan into the battle field on horseback with his sharp silver samurai sword. He slaughtered many of the Tokugawa clan.
After months of fighting, Musashi led the Toyotomi clan to victory. When Musashi got back to his village in his armored clothes and his hair put up in a bun, everybody there was so happy. Then he saw this girl. When he looked at her, he fell in love instantly. When he was on his horse, he stopped by her and asked her to marry him. She blushed and said to give her a few days to think about it.                                                    
      A man named Julius Kawasaki had liked her for his whole life and demanded Miyamoto Musashi to a duel. Miyamoto accepted the challenge and thought nothing about it, thinking it was going to be another easy duel. The next day Miyamoto Musashi went to his arena where he is going to have his duel. Miyamoto Musashi and his opponent stood across from each other. They heard the starting bell and they fought for hours. They were fighting until the death. Finally, Miyamoto Musashi put away his victory, but he was also very injured himself.                
      After weeks of recovering, he goes back to the girl he asked to marry. He asked her if she had decided if she was ready to get married or not and she said she would marry him. A month later they got married. They had children and Miyamoto Musashi taught his sons the skills to become a Samurai. Miyamoto Musashi and his family...