These lessons were interesting to watch and research as well.   Adding and editing a templates and adding or manipulating them is pretty easy when using DWT files, because the one dwt files changes all the html files simultaneously.   I was able to add a video and the plugin to run the video which was pretty neat. I was also able to edit the regions but cannot edit the menu or any other elements that is based on how the developer programs the specific template, is a trick that all developer probably use.   I was able to add the correct code to allow viewing in different devices such as a tablet or phone when browsing to the site.   I thought that this was an easy lesson but it has its downfalls and benefits.   When creating a site having these attributes are great for site design and how others can change the site to benefit the end user is also a plus. But the coolest thing was viewing the site in different browser and different devices.
Editing tags is something fairly easy for developers to work within the code. Code view is really handy in the design view and live view, code hinting is also helpful when dealing with tags. I like the feature that allows you to find code hinting in HTML5. I also like clasping full tags so that you can see the full view or in expanded all. Working with the code is pretty straight forward when working in Dreamweaver. There are so many thing developers can do within this program.