Mission Statement

1. What is a mission statement and why do we need one?

A Mission Statement is a statement that describes an organization’s overriding values, principles, and reason for existing. The mission statement defines the organization’s goals and belief system. It is also a document that provides employees with the ethical behaviours expected in their daily tasks.

We need a mission statement because it is ensuring that everyone in the organisations knows the company’s goal and to serve as a baseline for effective business planning.

A mission statement is good to have for several reasons. Without one, a business will have nothing to plan on and act on. The mission statement will help the entrepreneur and his or her employees to know what they are doing, why they are doing it, and where they are going. It provides the direction and focus needed for making decisions and implementing those decisions.

The mission statement serves as guidance for the entrepreneur and employees to identify and clarify the business' purpose and direction. Researchers have found that high-performing organizations have more thorough mission statements than do low-performing organizations

  2. Provide two examples of a mission statement
Mission statement of Four Seasons Catering Company:
Our Mission in 4 Season’s Catering Company is to provide a worry-free, unforgettable experience for our customers and their guests on whatever occasion they are celebrating, any season of the year, and wherever they are located.

To fulfil our Mission we will:
  * Ensure that we prepare high quality food using the freshest ingredients available to us.
  * Have experienced professional staffs that will provide exceptional service.
  * Sensitive to our customer’s needs by creating personalised menu that will suits to their budget without compromising the quality of food.
  * Not only deliver the food on time but will make sure that food quality is in high standard.
  * Provide affordable...