Factsheet of legislations that are important for home based childcare

As a responsible childminder I would like to let you know the latest information regarding childcare legislation and the requirements assessed by the regulatory body Ofsted. All of which are in place to ensure children obtain the best care possible. I have noted below the most relevant examples of these acts in my home based childcare.

Ofsted- the regulatory body for Standards in Education (England). The government department responsible for the inspection of childcare setting, schools and local education authorities.

Legislation- laws, rules and regulations passed b y acts of parliament.

Children Act (1893)- first acknowledgement in UK law of children’s rights, encapsulated by the phrase:”the needs of the child are paramount”
This act can be outlined in my policies:
    • Accident and injury policy
    • Care, learning and play policy
    • Observation police
    • Healthy and safety policy
    • Safeguarding policy
    • Settling in policy

Family law Act (1997)- sets out guidance relating to safeguarding children
This act is outlined in my police:
    • Safeguarding policy

Data protection Act (1998)- prevents confidential and personal information being passed on without a person’s consent. In the case of children the consent must be given by parents.
All children’s and families information and recordings are kept in a lockable drawer which is inaccessible to anyone but myself I will however, be required to share some information if I feel a child may be in danger. I do ask parent/ guardians to sign a consent form to allow me to take pictures and document child’s development which I will of course share with yourselves.
This act is outlines in my policies:
    • Safeguarding policy
    • Mobile phone and camera policy
    • Confidentiality policy

Children Act (2004)- arouse from the Green Paper   “Every Child Matters” and identifies five outcomes for all...