Describe four different methods of communication. (4 marks)
Verbal – using your speech to pass on information Sign language – use of your body, hands and facial expressions to communicate
Photos – touching photos to identify what they want. Touch – Using your hands and other body parts to touch the object they want. I.e. cup of tea rather than coffee.

Identify five different reasons why people communicate. (5 marks)
To gain permission Ask a question
Communicate feelings Build up a relationship/ trust
To communicate what you want

Give two reasons why it is important to observe the reactions of an individual using the service when you are communicating with them. (4 marks)
To check that they understand what you are saying and doing so they don’t get confused or upset.
To cauge there emotions to find out if they are happy, sad, upset or unwell. To enable you to help them in a suitable way.

Explain why it is important to find out about an individual’s:

a) communication and language needs   (2 marks)
You need to make sure you find out about an individuals communication ways in order for you to follow these so they can continue to communicate in a way that they understand and are therefore still included in the activity.

b) wishes and preferences (2 marks)
So that these can be followed as they may not be able to communicate some of these to you overly well, and after all we need to follow everyone’s wishes and treat them as individuals.

Explain how good communication can have a positive effect on the way a social care worker interacts with:

a) colleagues (2 marks)
It builds up good team relationships and teamwork, also means everyone knows the information that is needed to provide the best possible care.

b) Individuals using the service and carers (2 marks)
It will build up trust, so they are happy and safe in their own home.

c) other professionals (2 marks)
It provides joint working and promotes good...