Name: Lucy Banner
Student Number: 1201133
Award: Adult Nursing
Cohort Number: 213
Personal Tutor: Jane Banks
Module code: 4NH007
Title of Assignment: Exploring Patient Centred Care from Nursing Perspective
Date of Submission:
Named Marker: Robert Preece
Number of words:

This assessment is my own work, which not been completed in collusion with other student’s and complies with University of Wolverhampton plagiarism policy.

On a female only respiratory ward in the West Midlands a patient was admitted to the ward with chest pain and shortness of breath. Her name was withheld in order to conform with patient confidentiality (Dimond, 2002). Due to being registered deaf, the patient had difficulty communicating verbally. She had a form of Aphasia resulting in stuttering.

A friend of the family asked if the nurses could note down the procedures for the patient. The friend proceeded to use British Sign Language (BSL) to pass on information when trying to converse with the patient. The BSL use several movements which include hand gestures, lip patterns, fingerspelling and facial expression (National Health Services choices, 2013).

The tissue viability (TV) nurses advised daily leg dressings for ulcerated legs and her personal care and medication were organised. She was kept informed by written notes. All NHS Policies, Procedures and The Code of Conduct within the Trust were followed as protocol. The patient began to refuse any care. It is the right of a mentally competent person to refuse treatment (Dimond, 2005, p142).

After several attempts to change nurses, the patient still refused. This was done to see if she was more comfortable with one particular nurse. The patient was unable to sleep through the night. The nursing team followed person centred care. The nurses began trying to reason with her to give her consent for treatment.

At this time the patient could have been lying in her own urine and faeces. If her leg was not...