Unit 5: Maintaining quality standards in the health sector


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Please note that this Assessment has 6 pages and is made up of 3 Sections.
Section 1: Know how legislation, policies and procedures determine quality standards of work

1. Using the table below, identify how quality standards link to legislation, policy and procedures in your current health sector organisation (or one that you know well).

|Legislation                       |Key point                         |Which policy is affected by the   |Which quality standard does it   |
|                                 |                                 |legislation?                     |affect in your organisation, and |
|                                 |                                 |                                 |how?                             |
|Equality and Diversity Act       |All patients are seen on the     |Interpreting policy               |Patient experience               |
|                                 |basis of need and not on         |                                 |Some languages are extremely     |
|                                 |characteristics based on race,   |                                 |rare, and the interpreting       |
|                                 |nationality, ethnicity,           |                                 |company contracted with the       |
|                                 |sexuality, etc.                   |...