Learning Objective:
To be able to understand mode, median, mean and range.
Jamie (ADHD)
Written Observation:
Jamie turned up five minutes late for lesson saying that he woke up late. He came in sat down and wrote the title, date and learning objectives. Jamie sat and listened to the teacher however had his headphone in, I asked him to take it out and he did. The teacher explained what they are going to learn about but also did a recap of what they learnt last lesson. On a 1:1 Jamie answered the questions and got them correct. The teacher then carried on with what the class would be learning today and throughout was setting tasks for the children to work out. Jamie copied out these questions into his book and answered them independently. Jamie found this really easy so we moved on to grade C/B questions in the book. Jamie worked well through the questions and asked me a couple of times for my help. He needed reminding sometimes of what mean was and how to do it however on a whole he worked really well. Half way through the lesson Jamie became slightly agitated and I told him he could have a 5 minute break where he went to the SENCO office. He came back after 5 minutes and carried on with his work. Jamie completed the whole topic however his phone out a few times and when got being asked to put it away he did. Overall we had a good lesson and Jamie completed all tasks set.
Date of Observation:
Chloe Hannaway