Transition is when a person has a change in their life, there are different types of transitions for example:


Every person finds transitioning different, some may cope much better than others. For some it is very difficult especially when there are more complex physical and mental needs.

Here I will give some example of different transitions within my setting.

Emotional -

Parental separation   – no matter what age we are a separation in the family will affect us its just that everyone shows it differently. For a child of pre-school age their behaviour may change, wanting the attention they may be or feel they maybe lacking due to circumstances at home. This could be anything from wetting themselves, disrupting during listening times such as stories on the carpet or lashing out on other children or care providers.
To support said children, I believe that keeping normal routine is very important. This helps too give them a sense that just because things maybe changing at home it does not mean that everything is going too change, their childcare setting should feel a safe place. Something they can almost rely on. Some children may need a little bit more encouragement and positive behaviour management, so maybe get them too be a special helper for the day, completing certain tasks such as : putting out the cups at tea time, choosing the story at carpet time, checking the weather at register time to complete on the board. Such things as including them in group activities so they don’t feel singled out such as cookery or painting.

Another behavioural issue that may occur is the child completely cutting off from everyone from staff too other children. This is more complex and needs too be handled with much more care and delicacy. Pushing a child too talk or 'open up' could be so much more damaging for the child and for the parents at home. To support this child you could maybe offer too...