Understand employment responsibilities and rights in health, social care or children and young people / settings.

Assignment composition

Tasks A:
Ai: Work Conditions (safety, discrimination, accommodation, etc.), wages, hours
a) Contract of employment, training, holiday entitlements
b) Employment Rights, Equalities and Discrimination law, Health and safety legislation.  
Aiii: - Employment law exists to protect the best interests of both employers and employees
  *     Employment law exists to safeguard the interests of both employers and employees.
  *     Nobody   is discriminated
  *     Racism is not in the work place
  *     No abuse, providing a safe work environment
Tasks B:
Bi: - Job title – the   Employer agrees to employ the Employee as a Care Assistant
  * The first three months of this Employment is the Employees probationary period.
  * The Employee’s duties are as stated in the Job Description. This list should not be regarded as exclusive or exhaustive and you may be required to undertake additional or other duties as necessary to meet the needs of the Business.
  * All Employees, whatever their job role, must participate in the cleaning of the Home. Failure to participate in cleaning duties will result in disciplinary action.
  * The Employee’s place of work is   ‘……..’.
  * The Employee’s normal hours of work are 37 hours per week. Employees are asked to co-operate with any request to work additional hours.
  * The Employer does not provide food for Employees during their break time.
  * The Employee must remain on the premises at all times during the duration of the shift, except when on the one hour break. Living the premises unauthorised is an act of gross misconduct and will lead to dismissal.
  * Employees who do not make the Employer their main priority will be subject to disciplinary action.
  * The Employer agrees to pay the Employee £7-00 per hour.
  * All holidays must be approved...