1.2 Explain how effective communication affects all aspects of own work

It is important to communicate with children, staff, parents and the manager.  Communication is not just about the words that we use, but also about the way that we speak and the body language. We need to feel and show understanding, respect and honestly. We need to have respect for different religion and culture. For example, we need to understand and communicate properly if English is a second language for the child/parent. To build a relationship with children, parents and staff, you can show respect, understanding and honest to them. That will make the relationship stronger and better. As well as your relationship is not good with them, you will not enjoy working with them. It can be that you want to change your job because your relationship is not great with them and that can affect your work because you will leave the job. Talking and listening to work colleagues, children and parents builds professional and personal relationships, helping establish trust between all parties.
If you didn't listen properly to the parents about their child, you can misunderstand about them allergies or illness. When you give a child a food where he is allergy is for, it can bring they child to the hospital. 

When the child have a healthy problem how it affect by them:
If a child has asthma it will affect them playing every game they want, because their healthy not like the other children. For example if they are playing football and they will run. But they are maybe less active than others because of their illness. The parents may prohibit them doing physical exercise what they want. That will affect the child emotionally, physically and socially. They will feel that they are different than the others that they missing something what the others have. They will have in the initial a little bit problems how they need to communicate with other children. A lot off children mayn’t like to play with them;...