PSY461Q Assignment 2: themes, Issues and Principles of Community Psychology

Topic 2: Prevention, Empowerment and Participation: Designing a community based programme

1. Introduction

This assignment entails the creation of (what I perceive to be), both a realistic and practical intervention initiative of combatting the high incidences of muggings and thus dealing with crime prevention strategies within the Long Street Cape Town community. The intervention makes use of a multi-disciplinary approach by incorporating all the key principles of Community Psychology.

1.1 Define my community.

My community consists of a diverse range of different ethnic groups, cultures and personality types. My community is centred on one of the busiest and also most dangerous streets in Cape Town, “Long Street”. The commonality amongst all of these individuals is that they all reside within the Long Street sector of Cape Town.

1.2 The fundamental Problem which exists within my community.

The sector which comprises Long Street in Cape Town addresses a vast amount of problems which consist of economic, social and psychological. The biggest psychological problem experienced by many people is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which stems from the initial problem, which are the high incidences of muggings. Some of these muggings can be violent muggings in which a high degree of violence is experienced by the victims.

2. Intervention Programme

Some of these muggings may occur due to high incidences of drug dealings as well as addicts stealing in order to obtain drugs as the incidence of drugs, and drug dealing is high within the Long Street region. Although drug addiction and the other problems experienced are also extremely prevalent in Long Street the primary problem is the high incidences of muggings themselves and this is the problem which needs to be dealt with. If muggings were deterred then the other problems would automatically...