Chapter 11

After many weeks Napoleons leadership was very much the same, however, it went worse as time passed. The animals were starved and were made to work day and night. The animals became more and more infuriated by the behaviour of Napoleon who just sat in the big barn with the farmers drinking all day while the rest of the animals were made to work to their bone. The seven commandments were all broken by Napoleon on a daily basis; it was as if the rebellion was forgotten. The next morning Napoleon announced EVEN MORE CHANGES, and said “Manor Farms name will now be changed into Napoleons Farm from today, it is know as this. Nobody is allowed to say Manor Farm, ever and no animal is allowed to enter the big barn, and the surrounding areas with out permission, if any animals are caught in this action will be punished immediately.

‘’The sheep chanted “LONG LIVE NAPOLEON FARM” this went on for several minutes and put an end to the discussion. And Napoleon left the farm house with a beaming smile and to the sound of the chanting sheep.
Leaving the animals overwhelmed with the misery to learn that their farm that their farm that they all had pinned their hopes and dreams on was now become controlled by a tyrant, and everything they had worked for had now changed from and up to the name of the farm, they were second class animals in their own farm and that fact enraged them. Clover was extremely vexed and broke the gloomy silence in a booming voice, “When we are staving, he is at leisure… when we are working he is sleeping and when we try to work all he would do is whip us and he expects us to do as he demands”. The animals all nodded their heads in depression. Squealer overheard Clover and came over to the group of animals. And screeched in an irritated and angry mood, “How dare you say that about your leader!!! He has done so much for you, you miserable Donkey. Indeed Mr Napoleon is too busy to talk to trash as you, but if you dare say one more thing...