I have a dream…..!

I have a dream that one day there will be no child abuse. I think it is appalling to harm helpless children and bring them up leading a miserable life. I hope that one day, every child will be free of worry and not dread going home after their school. That maybe everyone, no matter how they were abused before will one day learn better and not treat their children the same way that they were and so child abuse will not be passed down through generations.

I have a dream that we would stop letting out so much pollution. We are destroying where we live and not thinking about how our world will be later on in time. The consequence of us putting so much c02 into the atmosphere is us loosing out on amazing creatures such as polar bears and other animals that will be affected by the ice melting in their home environments.  

I have a dream that the world would just wipe out the credit crunch. I think we are putting ourselves into the mess by complaining so much and if the governments were to get rid of all the debts we would all be better off.  

I have a dream that one day third world countries will not exist. That all countries will be equal and have the same chances in life and everyone will always have enough to eat and drink. People shouldn’t have to worry about how they’re going to get food on their plate everyday and people shouldn’t be dying of hunger whilst people in richer countries leave their dinners and complain about what type of food is on their plate. After all we are all human!  

These are my dreams, help me to make them reality!