Representation of Truth Generic Essay

Truth is a concept that deals with the presentation of facts without subjectivity or bias. Both gain for an individual and for a group can be achieved by altering this truth to better suit the conditions, or to make it more interesting.
The two episodes of Frontline, “The Siege” and “Add Sex and Stir” by Rob Sitch are texts which display how the media manipulates truth in order to gain the public’s attention through unethical journalism. Similarly, the text “Wag the Dog” made in 1997 and directed by Barry Levinson contrasts with the ideas of manipulating the truth in order to cover up a political mistake. The use of parody, exaggeration and humour in both texts are used in order to enhance our horror as how easy it is to manipulate the truth. The major theme explored in these three texts is the extent to which individuals and organisations will reach to grasp personal gain, authority and ultimately, ownership of the truth. These two episodes and movie show that the audience does not question the media and this means that the media can do whatever it wants in manipulating the truth to boost ratings. Thus the audience, in order to gain the full and unedited truth, should question the media’s unethical practices.

The Frontline episode, “The Siege” is a representation of complete disregard for authority and the safety of the hostages involved in the episode. The integrity and ethical nature of the journalists involved is questioned throughout the episode when Stitch creates a hostage situation and places Marty at the “front line”, creating a false sense of danger and increasing the importance of his place in the episode. The quote “who do the cops think they are?” displays Stitch’s fears that journalists will go to lengths, even breaking the law to obtain their version of the story. “To make it seem like I’m in danger” is the justification Marty gives when he is handed the flak jacket to give an update to the story in. He is...