Donna Williams

SHC 32 – Engage in personal development in children’s and young people’s settings

      1.1 – Describe the role and responsbilites of own work in role
Within my work role as a TA in School, I follow a timetable with my other colleague who is also a TA.   Throughout the week the responsibilities we cover depends on whether we are TA1 or TA2 as we rotate on a weekly basis as TA1 and then the next week I will be TA2. l know as a TA I am expected to support the teacher and children to be building a good relationship with not only the children but with my teacher and my colleagues with whom I work alongside with in class. I of the main goals I feel within my role is to encourage the children of all abilities, to the best of their ability in their learning and to assist in their growth in knowledge and in enhancing their development, so they can grow holistically.
Under TA1 or TA 2, For one week of a morning I will be outside as soon as I come in where I set up with a TA from the other Reception Class and we will set up the play outside, which has to include small world area, tough spot, mark making and physical area and a sensory area (water and sand).   And the week I am under TA2 I will set up the Class room, including everything we include outside except for the water.
Once I have welcomed the children into class I then do either the diaries or the dinner register. Throughout the day I still follow the timetable and I provide particular support for pupils, ensuring their safety and access to provide learning support, to aid the children to learn as effectively as possible both in group situations and on his/her own by, for example:  
  * clarifying and explaining instructions (washing hands, putting book bags away, lunch bug and getting changed for PE).
  * ensuring the child is able to use equipment and materials provided (scissors, pencil grip).
  * assisting in weaker areas, e.g. language, reading, spelling,...