University of Manchester,
Institute for Development Policy and Management

Course Title: Fundamentals of Information and Information Systems 2010/2011
Course Code: IDPM60481
Lecturer: Sharon Morgan
Date Due: 13/01/2011

Assignment Title: Long Essay
SIMS: A Total Success solution for day to day jobs at CPS

Student ID: 7830543
Word Count: 2971

Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. System Description
3. Process Support
4. Evaluation of Success and Failure
5. SIMS-A Total Success Solution for day to day jobs at CPS
6. References

1. Introduction:

Schools are utilising their Management Information Systems (MIS) for everyday administrative tasks such as form lists , simple list reports, Key Stage (KS) results and are recording attendance data. Strickley (2004) says that in most cases however, data is what it remains, there for presentation in a variety of formats to parents, governors and the Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED), examined on an annual basis for teaching staff and presented as evidence for where extra funding or other advantages may be gained.

According to Mathew Nall (2010)
“Ten years ago, schools worked in isolation. Any data they recorded on their pupils was seen as their own information. Now, the data gathered by schools needs to be fit for the purposes of many agencies. Sharing this information encourages them to see the bigger picture and this is essential when it comes to supporting children and families.

2.System Description

According to the Capita (2005) group who acquired SIMS (Student Schools Information Management System) in 1994, SIMS is a management information system used by more than 21,000 schools in 150 local authorities across the United Kingdom holding around 80% of the market share. Capita group got hold of SIMS in 1994. It is entirely built on Microsoft SQL server. SIMS provides a suite of software covering all parts of a school’s administration from behaviour and achievement, planning...