Unit 14 – Safeguarding and protection of vulnerable adults                                  

      1.1 Safeguarding is pro-actively seeking to involve different professionals to work closely together along the same policies, procedures and guide lines to keep the individual safe. It is an important part of integrated working. When a number of professionals such as carers, doctors, district nurses, social workers, mental health professionals work together in an integrated way, putting the individual at the centre of all activities to help identify their needs sooner to give help and support to improve their life outcomes. It is important to see safeguarding as part of a continuum, where prevention and early intervention can help children, vulnerable adults and families get back on track and avoid problems turning into a crisis.

Protection is the main part of safeguarding and promoting welfare. It is working together in protecting an individual identified as either suffering or at risk of suffering any harm as a result of abuse or neglect this includes working together and knowing what we are looking out for, what we are reporting and who we are reporting it to. It is important these people take all reasonable action in the correct way to ensure the risk of any harm to the individual’s welfare are minimised.
Within Artemis we work alongside policies and procedures that are in place, following them all and also put staff through relevant safeguarding training. Once this is completed every member of staff will do a refresher course yearly to keep up to date with any changes, updates etc.

      1.2 When staff start within our company they are expected to as part of their induction process read and sign our safeguarding and protection of people using services policy. The policy is designed to achieve the following:
To ensure that staff care, support and protect people who receive services from the organisation
To protect and support staff working for the...