TDA 2.6.2. Be able to improve own practice
2.1 Identify possible development opportunities relevant to improving own practice
There are several opportunities within my setting that have helped me improve my development. For example I have been on a number of courses such as, level 1 safe guarding, fire training, attachment and behaviour, British values; all of these courses have helped my development because I didn’t know anything much about them beforehand but now I do.
I feel as though I improve my own practice every day even if it’s just a little. I feel as though my development in phonics has improved because I now have to join in with phonics groups and sometimes help to support a small group, this means I have to do some planning work on how to deliver the phonics session and which phase of phonics we are working on. I feel as though my development in talking to the children has improved, I now speak much clearer and slower so the children can understand me better. I feel as though I have developed my artistic skills and imagination when doing an activity or putting up a display board.
There is also functional skills that RWP provide for those who don’t have the relevant GCSE’s, I have done my level 1 maths and ICT in this.

2.2 Describe the importance of continuing professional development
It is important to continuously try to improve and develop professionalism. It is important to understand that you can always lean something else and to never think that you know everything, you must keep open minded and aware that there are other ways of doing things. Important to be multi skilled as it will make me more employable in the future and in future job opportunities.


a) Work with an appropriate person to: identify own strengths, and areas where practice could improve
I worked with my class teacher to identify my strengths and weaknesses, we made sure we agreed with all that was said and we were both fair in what we contributed.
We decided...