1.4   Describe how your own behaviour could :
promote effective interactions with children and young people.
Impact negatively on interactions with children and young people.
Effective interactions with young people and children is listening to them and their views/ opinions and to have positive body language and be approachable .   Its important for children to see adults behaving appropriately and professionally within the school setting, as you are their role models if you show good behaviour then they will take that in.  
If you behave in an inappropriate manner such as being rude to colleagues, being late for classes or meetings then it will have a negative impact on interactions with the children/young people as they may not be comfortable around you and will not approach you If your communication and listening skills aren't positive.  

2.1 Describe how to establish respectful, professional relationships with adults.
To establish professional relationships with colleagues, parents and other professionals who may enter the school you need to be honest, polite, friendly remain professional and notice efforts that others put in and praise them for it.
When communicating   with adults you can use more complex language whereas when communicating with young people and children you have to be simple and straight to the point , it is important that they feel comfortable with you since you will be working closely with them in the classroom.
Respect their wishes in the setting and help and support them with this, and show your commitment. Its also important to address the adult with their preferred title e.g. first name, or Mrs/ Miss this in turn shows respect.

2.2 Describe the importance of adult relationship's as role models for children and young people
You need to be a positive role model for children and young people, because they will copy your behaviour as children and young people usually take lead from the adults around them and will be quick to...