Support Individuals During a Period of Change.

As an individual goes through life they experience changes. Some changes may only be temporary and are short term, this could be due to an operation, hip or knee replacements or illness that has left them weak and unable to manage with everyday tasks until they get their strength back. Assistance at this time and loan of equipment can see them through this period.
A fall that has resulted in broken bones or damage to parts of their body, may affect someone’s confidence and they need help to rebuild this. This can a very upsetting and frustrating time if someone is used to having their independence and they may be reluctant to except help but the positive is that after having the assistance and getting encouragement for the time that they need it they can then go on to being independent again. As we age its normal to become a bit forgetful but when it starts to have an impact on your daily living it could be the signs of dementia. This change of how the memory works will have a negative effect on a person as it makes performing everyday simple tasks such as washing, dressing, cooking and taking medication difficult. This can make them feel confused, anxious, unsure of themselves and scared, their inability to remember things can be frustrating and upsetting and they become more reliant on others to do things for them. Having the involvement of others can have a positive effect and help them to remain independent, things can be put in place around the home to assist with their memory, carers can visit to offer support with everyday task making sure they can get washed and dressed if they choose, ensuring that they eat and drink and that medication is taken at correct times. It can help them feel more secure by creating a regular daily routine in a relaxed environment where they can be prompted and encouraged to do the things they want.