How to attain taqwa

Thing that prevent one from taqwa –I learn about the evil but not for the evil and whoever does not know the evil, will fall into it. Today I have completed your religion – we understand that nothing is left or to be added and I have left you upon clearness, its day is like its night on one will leave that clearness except that he is destroy.
  * Has to know what taqwa is and not to remain ignorant about the obligatory knowledge of Islam.
  * Ignorant of the greatness of taqwa-ignorant is a disease, and its cure is two thing Quran and Sunnah and a doctor is a scholar.
  * What is taqwa is something that comes from Allah, an individual will not have taqwa until he know what is taqwa. A person   is not taking proper measurement (meaning their heart , the affair of his heart) o turner of the heart make my heart firm upon your deen
  * Sins kill your heart and the induvial who continuous upon the sins – the best thing to do is to disobey your desires
  * 1) The companion of the individual is evil, on the day of judgement the companion will run away from his family, friends and companions.
  * Order you to do good and forbid   you from doing evil-who he sit with   and the heart can be cleaned by remembers of Allah   and individual not being distracted by the remember of Allah, one of the reason is that he is doing something that is forbid to Allah.those who belive their heart is sofent and your heart become comfortable with the remembers of Allah and whoever turn away from the remember of Allah we will have a difficult life and Satan will be attionted to him and keep your tongue wet in the remember of Allah.
  * To learn the supplication and different remember of Allah , this stri the relalshiption that you have with Allah   and he understand the bless of Allah   and being thankful toward his blessing and only turning Allah and only relaying upon and seek refuge from evil from all the creation, every evil and trial. Those remember Allah...