1.1 The function of assessment is described in few points:
-Checking on learning,
-Impacting with information,
-Reinforcing the learner knowledge and
-Learning new information and improving learning.
1.2 Definition of the Keys Concepts: the assessor is accountable to the learner and also to pass information, explain the standard to the learner. The Transparency aspect is imperative as the learner have to know all details involving the course from the beginning. He also required to explain to the manager how he will assess the learner and how often he will come, in fact Communication is an essential key because the learner needs to have all information about the assessment. Also Progression is consequential as the learner needs to be incited to progress because the purpose of the course is to achieve the qualification.
Definition of Principles: VASCR
* VALID ( valid answers in the criteria)
* AUTHENTIC (Checking if work is authentic and acceptable)
* SUFFICIENT (Feedback, checking if enough work)
*CURRENCY (Can the learner produce work at this level)
*RELIABLE (consistency toward assessors, very similar work level)
1.3 The assessor responsibilities:
-Carry out initial assessment with learners, give portfolio with unit, drop an assessment of what you will be doing with them. This will help to ensure that decisions are consistent and fair .Finally needs to Carry out assessment by providing with feedback and carry out progress reviews.
All assessor should maintain their CPD (continuous professional development) to ensure assessment is effective.
1.4 and  8.1 Regulations and Requirement :
*Data Protection: Keep information safe, protected and confidential.
*Health and Safety: check if comply with health and safety, very important as it is also the assessor responsibility. Carry out risks assessment if necessary
*Equality and diversity: ensure that all individual are treated fairly, if they are...