Teaching asisstant level 3
Assignment 1 - L /601/ 1693
Understanding How Children and Young People Develope
Student name - Sarah Watkins
Student - SAWAT4216
Question 1.1:
Explain the sequence and rate of each aspeact of development from birth - 19 years:
During the first few month, babies will communicate their needs by actting out, such as being grisly crying. They form strong bonds with their gardains, who they then seek the comfort from. They will act positive behaviour towards them such smiling sounding out noise's By the time they reach 9 months they able identify things such as shapes and objects, by 9 months the child would also try sound out some words such as" mam ma" or "dad da" . By the time child reaches 9- 18 months old most babies would reach toddlar stage, all toddlar's progress in their own ways not every child is the same. when the child reaches the toddlar stage they become more independent, try doing stuff on their , be helpfull do things you ask for exsample "help mammy put toys away in toy box they see you doing it they will try to help".

When hiting the age 3 would normal try to get the child potty trained if not now before, as every child is different some children learn quicker than others. also the child tends to be selfish when comes to sharing toys they may act out on such bahiavour.

Between the age 3-7 - children of this age group tend to develope lots of friends and best friends. They are able to play games and understand the rules some children also develop a bond with a imaginary friend .when it comes to physical developement by this stage most children would of completed they toilet training alough children do still tend to have experience the odd accident. They are at the age where child is able to put clothes on and do clothes up but may need helps with their laces's. The child also may exsperiance losing they baby teeth around this age. You may notice the child be very fond of a footballer /singer may see them as...