Unit 4222-319 Facilitate person centred assessment, planning, implementation and review

Outcome 1

1.When completing assessments we must take into account all parts of the
clients life as this will have an impact on their care needs. The key principles
of person centred planning are the client must be put first, there may be
family members involved or partners. When doing person-centred planning it
needs to reflect the person’s capabilities i.e so what is important to the client
now and in the future, and also needs to specify the support they require

2.When planning the care for a client we must obtain as much information as
possible and relay this information back to the client so they fully understand
the questions and their own answer so we can make sure they know they are
in full control of their planning of care, what makes things easier now is that
many clients have their own personal budgets so they can dictate who they
employ and what the carers do. So person-centred planning now means
their services being delivered will fit in with the client’s needs. People should
make it clear who needs to be involved in the process of the planning of care,
at each stage the person should be asked if the plan of support is following
what they would like as a client, we have to always let the client know that
they have a range of options available to them with regards to planning.

3.The process of assessment planning can be done in a few different ways but
our ways are to run through a assessment which I’ve attached to this
assignment, we gather enough information about the client as possible, we
start to record this information on our assessment forms, by asking the client
questions about next of kin, doctors details, health details, history details – so
this could mean where they had lived previously and where they was born
how many siblings they have etc once we have all this information we then
start to discuss how they would like...