AAT Level 4 Diploma in Accounting
Internal Controls and Accounting System (ISYS)
Tutor Marked Assignment


This assignment focuses on the most problematic areas of the ISYS project. Read the Case Study below and complete the five tasks given, then you will get feedback from an ISYS tutor.

Once you have completed the assignment, you should save your work and upload this document for marking via the relevant link in your Submission Area (which is found in the ‘My Courses’ menu on the VLC).

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Supplies4U Ltd is a large fresh, frozen and cooked meat supplier to trade customers, with a turnover of £6m per annum increasing year on year.   The business has one owner Neal Down, who has worked in the meat trade for many years but was lucky enough to win the lottery and decided to start his own business. The business is sited in Elderberry; next to a local housing estate, it has several vans and lorries arriving during the day and evening so the local residents are not entirely happy with their industrial neighbour.

Neal occasionally comes into the building to check on matters as needed. Neal likes to keep fit and he is often hard to contact as he could be anywhere playing golf, playing squash or at his local fitness centre. Neal doesn’t like to be disturbed unless it is urgent, but he turns his mobile phone off and only turns it on to make outgoing calls.

Neal has 50 full time employees in the warehouse and three part-time staff in the small accounts department. You have just been employed as a full time Accounts Supervisor in charge of the accounts office.

Supplies4U Ltd is open seven days a week, and operates from 7am until 11pm, Monday to Friday and from 9am to 9pm on Saturday and Sunday. The front of the building has a large shutter door and inside are fridges and freezers, as well as cutting and packing rooms, in order to prepare products for delivery or collection. The delivery...