Hayley Sweeney D1657685 assignment number 1 Module AA100

Choose one of the modern representations of Cleopatra in film or TV presented in the module materials. How far is this consistent with roman depictions of her in Book 1, Chapter 1?
Hint: include an introduction that provides facts about Cleopatra, Caesar, Antony & Octavian. As this is Classical Studies you need to state: who, what, where, when, why was Cleopatra’s interactions with the Roman Imperators important?

Hollywood has depicted Cleopatra as a heartless seductress, a timeless icon, a stunning human being who   had men falling at her feet. A woman whose   life ended fatally when she committed suicide rather than   giving herself up to her enemies., She may well be the most famous woman in the history of the world., There are only a few artefacts that remain that   show us the true image of Cleopatra. [who is making this claim?] Cleopatra was a charmer according to whom? and had relationships with two of the most powerful men in ancient times. Namely…? As we do not have any portraits or written texts describing what she looked like it gives directors   a blank canvas in which to work from when portraying her. Not quite – there are visual representations of her – they may not be accurate….
… paragraph cont’s… The portrait that we see on coins shows us that Cleopatra was not the beauty that she is now being portrayed as ( Fig 1.4 in Fear, 2008. . no space p.21   Pleased to have a reference) Her beauty is the main legend of what is the queen of Egypt. Scholars say that Cleopatra asked to look like this on coins to show her power, as to her it? was all about politics. This info. goes above and is the end of your ‘intro.’
I suggest you replace the above commentary with the brief contextual introduction above.
Your job here is to show the tutor that you understand that modern film directors may use ancient Roman sources to create their own representations of Cleopatra.

The film industry wanted to create a...