Social sciences are a set of scientific disciplines that study the social aspects of the different human realities, i.e. Social Science mostly works with speech or with people's ideas. So the quantification of information is possible since there are various techniques of discourse analysis that transform ideas into numerical data. Social sciences also work with quantitative and qualitative research involving even numbers. But these numbers appear differently, often subjective.
I can also mention that social science is a method that helps us to "clean the lens" for the better view of the different realities that coexist with us. It has its own object of study with everything that concerns human cultures, history, accomplishments, livelihoods and individual and social behaviours. It helps identify and understand the different social groups, contextualizing the habits and customs of the values framework governing each of them. The social scientists studying the phenomena, structures and relations that characterize the social and cultural organizations. They analyse the movements and population conflicts, the construction of identities and the formation of opinions. They research customs and habits and investigate the relationships between individuals, families, groups and institutions. The social scientists develop and use a wide variety of techniques and research methods to the study of human groups and interpret the problems of society, politics and culture.
As mentioned at the very beginning of the module source, week 1 in particular that social science is used to do describe (D), understand (U) and enact (E) social worlds, i.e. DUE framework. Social science is used to do three related things such: to describe social worlds, to understand social worlds and to enact social worlds. DUE is central to the module DD206.

In the whole module we have been talking about several forms of studies regarding to society’s everyday lives. However, social...