Analyse how your prescribed text examines the concept of 'Discovery'
"Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else, and thinking something different" Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (Aul-bert Sent-Gurge-i)
Discovery is a concept of contrasts, which consists of features that interplay within the process. Whether it be personal, or interpersonal, tangible or intangible, without acknowledging the range of these elements, one cannot grasp the important of the concept. Michael Gow's 'Away' introduces three families that undergo the course of discovery while on their holiday. As each individual experiences their own personal journey throughout their holiday, it is revealed the holiday triggers diverse perceptions.
The events in our life’s that challenge our values and attitudes are the most significant. The character parallels between Gwen and Coral are evidence of discovery in Away. In the beginning of the play, Gwen is introduced as a critical mother. She has the tendency to over-exaggerate over petty things such as the use of hyperbole during “I am not spending the day chasing wrapping paper all over the state“. As Gwen exhibits her personality, Coral is shown as a constricted and passive character with no interest to the world around her. Her first words are however personal and intimate in her soliloquy, “When that woman woke up and saw that donkey at her feet I thought my heart would break” which reveals she is an emotional person. The challenges both of these women undergo are the most difficult. Soon after Gwen's discovery of other people's hardships she confronts her husband expressing "If you want to ask me what I think or how I feel … I couldn’t say". This juxtaposes the person the Gwen we meet in the beginning and the Gwen that appears in the end. This parallels Coral's transformation after her own discovery with Tom. This is shown in the repetition of "I'm walking" metaphorically describing her emotional freedom.

 Gow uses...