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1.Terms of reference

1.1 This report has been prepared to cover the requirements of the Internal Controls and Accounting Systems unit of AAT level 4, Diploma in Accounting
1.2 The objectives of this Report are to Analyse the accounting system of A to Z Vehicle Hire in order to find areas of weaknesses. Make recommendations for improving the accounting system and cash management through the introduction of a computer system.
1.3 The report gives an overview of the organisation’s business and its critical external relationship with external stakeholders. The report highlights any ethical issues within the organisation and also reviews the commitment to sustainability.
1.4 The report also analyses the recommendations made in terms of their expenses and profits, and analyses the potential to fraud as a risk in the organisation.

3. Methodology
3.1 The research performed and information sources to produce the project ate listed below.
3.2 Research was made using BPP and   Kaplan reference books and Internet.
3.3 The current accounting system has been reviewed for the period of six months to find the area of weaknesses and make recommendation for improvement.
3.4 The causes of fraud and impact on the organisation and methods to prevent them have been described in Fraud Matrix Appendix 3.
3.5 The accounting system’s professional ethics has been evaluated against the professional ethics code of the AAT and the organisation.
3.6 Sustainability review of the Accounting System has been carried out in Appendix 5, identifying where the changes could be made.

4. Introduction to the Organsation
Overview of business
4.1 A to Z Vehicle Hire is a first rank vehicle hire firm, provides wide range of vehicles to hire in the region, offering customers an individual personal service of hire. The partnership commenced in February 2013 consisting of three partners, one of them invested money and has very limited role in the management, other two partners who maintain...