Miss Havisham

I remember clearly those days, you used to whisper in my ears, how much you loved me. But all you wanted to do was to humiliate me. This morning I couldn’t wait to be your wife, couldn’t wait to have a ring on my finger and I couldn’t wait to say I do. Well those dreams are shattered now and it’s all because of your selfishness.
The day I was broken. As I awoke from my interrupted sleep, the sound of rushing and shouting filled my ears. It was of course the day I had been waiting for all my whole life, and by the sounds of it, so had everyone else. I could hear the maids scuttling around, arranging flowers outside my front door. I could hear the clanging of knives and forks against my brand new oak table. My eyes were still closed, I felt as though my dream was finally becoming a delightful reality. Half of me didn't really want to wake up from my dream of the night before; where I dreamt of the moment I walked down the aisle accompanied by my Father. I pictured how beautiful I would look, my snow coloured satin dress, flowing behind me, glistening in time of the flickering golden clock.
I thought we were meant to be, but no we weren’t. Why, why, why? My heart lies in pieces battered and broken, over three words today that were spoken to me. These three words that cut me right to the core ‘’the wedding’s off’. My hands shake with an unstoppable need for vengeance, the anger runs towards my head taking control. My senses are slipping, I'm losing control. My heads screaming at me, screaming the words they said to me, my eyes are losing sight. Red. It takes over, images run through my mind. A slideshow of blood, violence, anger, and hate, a slideshow of what you’ve done. Anger rams into my mind, into my heart, trying to break the walls, trying to take control. I feel the walls weakening, I'm losing this battle. A swirl of anguish surrounds me. All I can feel is pain, you made me this way! My barriers are shaking; the concrete walls are cracking, under the red haze...