All the benefits that travel with you:
Mileage Plus Elite Membership
Members receive Mileage Plus Premier® or Premier
Executive® status, providing elite services and benefits

The freedom to go
anywhere at anytime
and get there in style.

Premium Traveler Services
The Traveler Services provided to your company are distributed per the direction of the travel

Type of Fund Individual Shared

including bonus miles, Economy Plus® access, upgrades,
and more.
Mileage Plus Privileges
PassPlus® members enjoy all the benefits of Mileage Plus,® our award-winning frequent flier program.
Complimentary United Red Carpet Club Membership
Enjoy the facilities and services provided by United’s Red
Carpet Club,® located in major airports wherever United flies.
United Upgrade
Designated PassPlus members will receive complimentary
United one-class E-Upgrades.SM Each upgrade is eligible
for a block of travel up to 500 miles; upgrades may be
combined. Additional upgrades may also be purchased from Mileage Plus.
Bonus Miles

Let United PassPlus
point your business
in the right direction.
Introducing a better way to receive discounted fares, exclusive benefits, and greater travel flexibility!

Package Price†


$50K $100K $250K

50% Mileage Plus bonus miles awarded to designated

PassPlus® Travelers†† 1 25 50 125 PassPlus Travelers.

Mileage Plus® Premier®
elite memberships*
United Red Carpet Club® memberships

1 5 10 25

1 2 5 12

500-mile upgrades 4 6 10 20

Funds purchased between two package levels will be awarded the Traveler Services of the nearest lower level (e.g. $75K receives the $50K Traveler Services package).
† Funds available to use for ticket purchase are equivalent to the amount paid to purchase the
PassPlus program (e.g. for the $10,000 package, you will receive 10,000 dollars in PassPlus
funds). All PassPlus funds are valid for a one-year term unless...