Mirror Refection

Mirror reflection
Who am I? It seems like such an easy question to answer, yet that question had a different answer each year of my life!

A few years ago, my reflection showed me an eighteen year old girl, with no direction, a lot of confusion and with little confidence.   When I looked at people I saw black and white,   blue eyes and brown, black hair or golden locks.

As the years went by, maturity and experience taught me so much.
Although I still have brown eyes and dark hair, my age isn’t the only thing that is different now (24).
When I look in the mirror, I see a confident, independent, strong, Afrikaans woman, proud of her heritage and culture!

A silver spoon never existed in my life, thus I got this far by working very hard and that made me appreciate every little thing so much more, I see problems as challenges and acknowledge each blessing!
Tough times taught me a lot of life lessons and now when I look at someone I see so much more that their features, example when I look at my father I see a guardian, I man willing to protect and love me no matter what.

The image reflected in the mirror has as much of an influence on your personality, as you allow it to have, I truly believe that beauty comes from the inside and gets reflected outwards.

I like what I see in the mirror, simply because I choose to do so.
God gave you this specific image and personality; you have to use your potential to the best of your ability.
It is not about how you look, but HOW YOU SEE!
Imagine a mirror that could reveal your personality, would you dare look?