Minutes Writing

Minutes for the Meeting
Venue: Rise Senior Living         Date: 30/ 01/15       Time: 9:10pm
Staff Present  
Esi   Lay (E.L)
Gladys Obim (G.O)
Leo Gay (L.G)
Mary Juw (M.J)
Jen   Wellman (J.W)

Apologise: John Ban

  1. Personal care,
  2. Documentation,
  3. Night ISP,
  4. Repositioning chart,
  5. Getting residents ready for the day,
  6. Trainings and Housekeeping at night.

  1. Personal care
Staff talked about assisting residents at night with personal care (pad changes) and ensuring that residents are not left wet in bed.
Action: Staff agreed to inform morning staff if a resident decline to be assisted with personal care or pad was dry and need no change.

  2. Documentation
It was discussed that staff ensure that if any bruises, cut, skin tears were noticed on a resident. It should be reported and documented appropriately to prevent any unexplained bruises, injuries etc.
It was agreed that staff on the night shift discuss any incidents or mention any bruises, skin tear etc noticed to the morning staff so that the LCM can follow-up.

  3. Night ISP
Staff to monitor and update any resident whose condition has changed at night and needs their ISP updated especially on their ISP night section.

  4. Repositioning chart
It was discussed that residents on repositioning chart are repositioned depending on the hourly time if it is 2 hours or 3 hours interval and repositioning chart recorded as such. CM (G.O) mentioned that resident (P.D) on the first floor always chooses to sit in her recline chair most of the night and we cannot reposition her in the chair. We agreed to bring this to R.C’s   attention as to how best it could be solved.

  5. Getting residents ready for the day
We discussed this issue and how best it can be done. It was agreed that we assist residents who are awake before we start writing our notes or before 6:15am CM (G.O) suggested this and the team agreed to it.
LCM (E.B) also...