Miniver Cheevy in Thought

Miniver is a man that is not happy and has never really been happy. Seem as if he goes about his day daydreaming and thinking of the old days, he starts to wish he was still a part of it. It is his place of escape from the harsh reality of life and where he feels he belongs. He believes that he is in the wrong place and time because his life seems too had been very hard for him and unforgiving.   The people around him do not care about the arts and romance so he feels that no one understands him, so he has always felt disconnected from them.
The poem is written in (ABAB) format where in the four line stanza every other line rhymes. The rhythm seems to be playing on how Miniver feels about his day to day life.   Giving the poem this format made it feel as if Miniver was in this thought of a miserable nursery rhyme. It is kind of a self loathing feeling coming from the text but also this happiness coming from just the thought of the old days.   It’s as if he knew if he was born during this time, he would have thrived and flourished beyond his wildest of dreams.
Even though he seems happy in his thoughts, the reality of it is in the rhythm of the poem. The second line of every stanza is longer than other lines and the fourth and last line is shorten making it gloomy and full of thought.   It gives this sense of dragging along and pity on Miniver for being so sad. Every first line of every stanza tells us how he is feeling and how unhappy he is. The first lines is read at a nice and steady pace ,but by the second line its extended seeming to drag, then the third line you’re slowed down and on the last line it’s an abrupt and sudden stop. This gives the reader the since that his life is just mostly filled with misery, as if his day always started off good but always ends badly.
In the first line it starts with him being a child of scorn and that sets the mood and tone right there that life has not been good to him. The reader feels bad for him because even as a...