Ministry of Magic

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The Ministry of Magic
Ministry is the process by which Christians express and spread their faith. There are many different activities that the church uses to carry out their specific ministries. There are many different types of ministry, ranging from age-specific groups (ex: Sunday Schools, fellowship, youth groups), inter-generational ministry (ex: having all age/peer groups participate in primary church functions), community service, or even to more creative focused ministries (such as choirs or theatre groups).
The main type of ministry I am most familiar with in the church is youth ministry, or more commonly known as 'youth group.'   Youth ministry is an age-specific ministry, steered towards involving and engaging the youth of the church, or community, in the living word and worship of God. The main goal of youth ministry, along with nearly every other ministry as well, is converting people to the Christian life, or way. This is especially important in youth ministry, seeing as the teens and youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. But that's not their only focus, providing a space place for teens or youth clubs for the greater good of the community (usually without an overly religious agenda behind it) is just as important as well. Youth ministry is not only centered around encouraging young people to openly express their faith and developing a more involved spiritual life, but encouraging them to believe that there will always be someone there for them, and that God loves them and they have self-worth.
My view of the church and ministry go hand in hand. My family was never associated with Community of Christ, or any church specifically, until I made the decision in elementary school to begin going to the congregation down the road where many of my friends attended. This church was run in the basement of another congregation's building and out of the pastor's house, and was better known as a 'church plant.' This church plant I...