Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage

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August 18, 2010

Minimum Wage a poor Persons prison

              Minimum wage must be raised. The cost of living has gone up tremendous and People should not have to fight for a decent pay. Minimum wage is the least amount of money a company can pay an individual. The minimum wage is set by either state government or federal government. Companies should be forced to pay workers a decent salary instead of keeping all the profits.   In the United States minimum wage is at record low. Even with increases, inflation is one of the main reasons workers is being paid less. Raising a family on minimum wage is impossible. A family living on minimum wage can barely afford clothing, food and shelter for one’s family. An increase in minimum wage would raise the salaries of many workers and ensure their children would not be raised in poverty. While increasing the minimum wage may have may have a negative effect on the economy, not increasing minimum wage will keep people struggling to meet their basic needs.
        According to The United States Department of Labor Year. “The Fair Labor Standard Act was enacted in 1938 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The act applied to companies whose employment represented one fifth of the labor force. It banned the use of child labor and set the minimum age at .25 cents for a maximum workweek of 44 hours. Below is a map of the states with federal minimum wage as described by states.” [pic] 
|           |States with minimum wage rates higher than the Federal     |            |States with no minimum wage law                           |
|           |States with minimum wage rates the same as the Federal     |            |States with minimum wage rates lower than the Federal     |
|           |American Samoa has special minimum wage rates             |                                                                      |

            “People who make minimum wage spend less on basic needs. Working...