Minimize the Bad Effect of Television

How to minimize the negative effect of television program for children? As this one of the most prevalent media influences in kids lives, the reader will probably want to know more about the topic, especially for the parents. Because the parents or an adult have a big influence to avoid the children from bad television program. Reducing the watching time for children, choosing the good television program, and accompanying children when watching television, are three ways to minimize the negative effect of television program for children.

The first way to minimize the negative effect of television program for children is with reducing the watching time for children. Children should reduce all watching on television to one hour or two hour a day. If the children doesn’t want to reduce their watching time, just put the televison away from children and make the children busy with other activities. Television can affect learning and school performance if it cuts into the time kids need for activities crucial to healthy mental and physical development. Most of a child’s free time, especially during the early formative years, should be spent in activities such as playing, reading, exploring nature, learning about music or participacing in sports.

Although that have already filtered by Badan Sensor Film Indonesia (BSFI), we must be aware to choosing the good television program. Parents should pay close attention to what their children see on the news programs. Studies have shown that kids are more afraid of violence in news coverage than in any other media content. Young children believe that television reflects the real world. To not see people like themselves (in race, ethnicity, or physical ability), will confuse them and impact their self worth. So, parents should start discussions about how TV portays different types of people and how real it really is.

Another way is to accompany children when watching television. Parents should monitor what their child is...