Mini Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Mini Electric Wire Rope Hoist,   Mini Electric Wire Rope Hoist for sale

Mini Electric Wire Rope Hoist description:
PA mini electric wire rope hoist, mini electric wire hoist with trolley introductions
The electric hoist we produce can be used in factories, mines, agriculture, electric power. Construction building site, dock and warehouse for installation of the machines, lifting the cargoes. Loading and unloading the trucks.

Mini Electric Wire Rope Hoist features:
1.high quality copper winding motor, has good conductivity and electrical insulation properties.
2.power and control handle cable made of high quality rubber-sheathed, resistance to high temperature, low temperature, eco-friendly and anti-aging.
3.motor insulation class b, protection class IP40.
4.high accuracy gearbox helical gear design, greatly reducing noise.
5.high-strength engineering plastic components, oil-proof, corrosion-resistant, safe and reliable.

Mini Electric Wire Rope Hoist advantages:
1compliance with the national standard.
2reasonable design.
3advanced structure and good material.
4beautiful appearance and compact size.
5light weight, small volume.
6lower repair rate.
7safe and reliable.

SMF Heavy Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. established in 2003. In the past several year, our export increased gradually. Last year, we export US$30 million. We are the professional manufacturer of lifting equipment, such as bridge crane, gantry crane, electric chain hoist and electric wire rope hoist.

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