Mind over Matter

Chari Kelley
Psychology 270
July 13, 2016
Natalie Emery
Mind over Matter
  * What is the difference between mental illness and insanity? (Hint: What is the important second prong of the M'Naghten rule?)
The difference between mental illness and insanity is an individual who happens to be insane or plead insanity does not know right from wrong. It makes it difficult for them to process what the difference is. They are unaware of the nature of the act therefore they do not know the consequences they may face. Someone who is mentally ill still has an understanding of life and how it works. They are still able to function in society. Compared to someone who is insane their perception has been distorted.  
  * The M'Naghten rule cannot be used to defend the actions of a person who drinks alcohol and then murders someone. Why not?
The reason why is simple, alcohol is a drug that can be controlled, meaning you have control over how much you consume. It is your responsibility to drink responsible. The defendant in this case claimed to have drank so much that he blacked out. However his behavior was careless. Thus making him accountable for his own actions. Alcohol can definitely impair ones judgement and cause us to make mistakes, like drunk driving for example. However there is no excuse if you have the option to consume a lot, a little or none at all.  
  * Identify each of the following:
      * Rational and guilty - A defendant who is rational and guilty is fully aware that what they did was wrong resulting in being convicted of the crime they committed.
      * Guilty but insane - The defendant has been found guilty but was deemed to be mentally insane at the time of the crime. Making them liable for their actions as they knew they were wrong. They would receive mental help in a prison or mental institution.
      * Not guilty by reason of insanity - The defendant was found not guilty because they have been professionally diagnosed as insane....